Be Prepared For Your Visit With Us

Thank you for choosing Affiliated Dermatologists and Dermatologic Surgeons, P.A.

We are adhereing to strict infection prevention guidelines and need your cooperation to ensure a safe environment for all staff, patients, and visitors.


Please stay in your vehicle and await our staff to call your cell phone.  Please allow us a grace-period of ten minutes.  (Do not worry, we will not forget you!)

A staff member will meet you at your vehicle or outside the facility to provide a pre-entry infection-prevention screening.  Once inside the facility, the staff member will ask you to apply hand-sanitizing gel or, if you have a sensitivity to these gels, you will be asked to wash your hand with soap and water.


If you have any of the following symptoms, please notify our office immediately:

  • Pink Eye
  • Cough
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Sore Throat
  • Diarrhea
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Body Aches
  • Loss of Taste or Smell
  • Congestion
  • Runny Nose
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Episodes of Sudden Confusion
  • Contact With a Covid-Positive Individual


Please notify us if you have traveled outside of New Jersey in the past two weeks.


You will not be admitted to our facility if you are not willing to wear a facial covering.  The single exception is if you have any underlying health condition/disability that interferes with your ability to wear a facial covering.  In this scenario, you need to notify us as far in advance of your appointment as possible, so we can attempt to reasonably accomodate your disability.  If you are unable to wear a mask, we will ask you to to obtain a COVID test and self-isolate from that day forward, until the day of your appointment.  Your appointment may be scheduled at the end of the day when the building is less populated to minimize your risk.  We may also be able to accommodate your disability through a telemedical appointment.


We have worked very diligently to implement an effective infection-prevention program throughout our practice and we are confident that you will be pleased and feel very safe.