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By Affiliated Dermatologists & Dermatologic Surgeons, P.A.
June 19, 2017
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What your skin doctor in Bridgewater, Liberty Corner, Morristown, and Mt. Arlington wants you to know

If your skin looks dull, it’s time to rejuvenate it. If you are experiencing the early signs of vitalize peelaging, it’s time to turn back the clock. Now, you can have smooth, beautiful skin again thanks to Vitalize Peel, a go-to treatment to improve the appearance of your skin.

Your skin doctors at Affiliated Dermatologists & Dermatologic Surgeons want to share the facts about this effective skin treatment. They have offices in Bridgewater, Liberty Corner, Morristown and Mt. Arlington, NJ, to serve you.

Vitalize Peel can turn back the hands of time and clear up your skin. Vitalize Peel can:

  • Diminish the look of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Correct uneven skin tone and pigmentation
  • Diminish the appearance of sun damage and scaly patches
  • Diminish age spots and freckles
  • Clear up acne and acne scarring

Vitalize Peel uses Retinol and other substances to increase the level of skin exfoliation, revealing the firmer, smoother skin underneath. Vitalize peel works well on your face and neck to give you a younger, more lifted look.

A Vitalize Peel treatment takes about 45 minutes with 20 minutes required for the application. You might feel a slight tingling or burning sensation, but treatment is usually well tolerated. It’s important to remember not to use any products which can increase skin sensitivity before and after the procedure.

You will see immediate results after just one treatment, and optimal results after three to six treatments, depending on the degree of skin damage present. To maintain your results, it is recommended to use skin care products in the SkinMedica line.

If your skin looks tired and dull, or if you have pigmentation or scarring issues or signs of skin damage, Vitalize Peel is the right choice for you. To find out more about Vitalize Peel and other skin treatments, call your skin doctors at Affiliated Dermatologists & Dermatologic Surgeons, with offices in Bridgewater, Liberty Corner, Morristown and Mt. Arlington, NJ. Call today!

By Affiliated Dermatologists & Dermatologic Surgeons, P.A.
June 13, 2017
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What your skin doctors in Mt. Arlington, Morristown, Liberty Corner, and Bridgewater, New Jersey, want you to know

Do you want to fight the early signs of aging? Do you want to diminish what the years ofFraxel Laser Treatment sun exposure have done to your skin? If you answered yes to these questions, you owe it to yourself to discover the benefits of Fraxel, the revolutionary new laser treatment to help rejuvenate tired skin.

Your skin doctors at Affiliated Dermatologists & Dermatologic Surgeons want to help. They have several convenient office locations in Mt. Arlington, Morristown, Liberty Corner, and Bridgewater, New Jersey to serve your dermatology needs.

Fraxel is a revolutionary laser system that uses fractional lasers to treat the top layers of your skin. The light from the laser promotes the production of collagen which is essential to younger-looking skin. Fraxel takes advantage of your body’s healing ability to provide new, revitalized skin. After Fraxel treatment, you will notice your skin is much smoother and younger-looking. You should consider Fraxel to treat skin that has:

  • Acne scarring and other blemishes
  • Keratosis and other skin abnormalities
  • Age spots and sun damage
  • Crow’s feet around your eyes
  • Smile and laugh lines around your nose and mouth
  • Furrows in your forehead

When you choose Fraxel, you can count on noninvasive, safe treatment which has been used by over 800,000 dermatology patients across the world. You can also count on results that are unmatched by over-the-counter creams and lotions.

Treatment is easily tolerated and each treatment lasts between 15 and 45 minutes. The best results are experienced after 1 to 5 Fraxel treatments. Because treatment is noninvasive, you can count on little or no downtime after treatment.

Fraxel is just one of the treatments available at Affiliated Dermatologists & Dermatologic Surgeons to help you look your best. For a complete listing of cosmetic and laser services, please visit the Cosmetic & Laser page on the website at http://www.affiliateddermatologists.com/cosmetic-procedures.html

If you want younger, more vital-looking skin but you don’t want invasive surgical treatments, Fraxel is what you’ve been waiting for. To find out more about Fraxel revolutionary laser skin treatment, call your skin doctors at Affiliated Dermatologists & Dermatologic Surgeons with offices in Mt. Arlington, Morristown, Liberty Corner, and Bridgewater, New Jersey. Call today!

By Affiliated Dermatologists & Dermatologic Surgeons, P.A.
May 19, 2017
Category: Dermatology
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By Affiliated Dermatologists & Dermatologic Surgeons, PA
May 16, 2017

Don’t let unsightly blood vessels impact your self-esteem. Find out how laser treatment can help.

Do you have broken blood vessels scattered across your nose or cheeks? Hate the blood vesselway these blood vessels look and wish you could fix the problem? Well now our Morristown, Mt. Arlington, Liberty Corner and Bridgewater, NJ, dermatologists can with laser therapy. That’s right! Our very own Cutera Excel V Laser is able to tackle broken blood vessels along with other pigmented or vascular lesions.

The best way to find out if your condition could be treated through our Cutera Excel V Laser system is to schedule a consultation. Through a quick physical exam, we will be able to decide whether this laser therapy is the best course of action for giving you the healthier-looking skin you deserve. What most patients love to hear is that this treatment option does not require any anesthesia. For those who fear needles, this can be a great comfort. This non-invasive laser treatment offers an array of benefits, and a painless procedure is just one of them.

The handheld laser is directed over the areas where the lesions or blood vessels are until we see the blood vessels begin to vanish. That’s right; results are immediate! At this point, you may be wondering how this laser system doesn’t become so hot that it burns or irritates the skin. The magic lies in the Cutera Excel V’s amazing cooling capabilities, which keep your skin cool, safe and protected throughout your entire treatment.

This laser therapy is also extremely affordable. The cost will depend on the area that you want treated and how severe your lesions or broken blood vessels are. Some patients may get the results they want in just one laser treatment while others with more serious conditions may require multiple sessions. This is something we can determine when you come in for a consultation.

Affiliated Dermatologists in Morristown, Mt. Arlington, Liberty Corner and Bridgewater, NJ, is dedicated to providing you with the very best and most advanced care possible. Call us today if you want to find out if you could benefit from our Cutera Excel V Laser system.

By Erica Lydon, FNP-BC
April 14, 2017
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Get your glow on!

Do you have dullness, pigmentation, acne, sun damage, or aging skin? Want to get that nice glow that is virtually pain-free with minimal down time? The Vitalize Peel by SkinMedica may be a great option for you!

The Vitalize Peel is a chemical peel that can be used on any skin type for mild to moderate skin imperfections. The combination of ingredients can help reduce signs of aging (fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage), create a radiance of your skin, and helps with acne prone skin, pigmentation and even melasma.

Are you glowing yet!

This procedure takes about 15-30 minutes, and you can sit back and relax as the 3 steps are applied to your desired skin area (face, neck, chest or hands). Patient response varies from pain-free to temporary mild burning. You will leave the office with glowing skin, only to get better with time.  The peeling process (bye-bye old, dull skin!) typically lasts for 2-5 days, and reveals your best looking skin when the peeling is complete. Some redness is normal until peeling is complete. A series of Vitalize peels is recommended every 3-4 weeks and we will tailor a regimen specific to you for ongoing results and maintenance.

Erica Lydon, FNP-BC is currently practicing in our Morristown office. To Schedule an appointment call 973-267-0300.

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