Are You Dealing with Warts?

Are You Dealing with Warts?

Find out the best solution for treating and getting rid of warts.

Warts are benign growths that often don’t cause issues. Many people will develop awarts wart at some point during their lifetime, particularly children. A wart is the result of an infection caused by a virus, and it can develop just about anywhere on the body. Of course, if you deal with warts regularly or if the wart is unsightly then you may want to turn to our Mt. Arlington, Morristown, and Bridgewater, New Jersey, dermatologists to find out the best way to treat it.

Leave it Alone

You may be surprised to hear that the wart will go away all by itself even without treatment. Once the body sheds the virus the wart will also disappear; however, this can take a couple of years. Therefore, if the wart is in a very visible place, is affecting your appearance or is causing discomfort then it’s time to consult with one of our skin doctors to find out the best approach for getting rid of the wart faster.

Prevent it from Spreading

It is possible for a wart to spread, so it’s important that you practice good habits to prevent the virus from spreading. For example:

  • Do not pick at the wart
  • Wash your hands immediately after touching your wart
  • Wear protective footwear in public areas like a gym shower or locker room

Remember that while some people may find Over-the-Counter wart treatments successful not everyone will. If you’ve tried OTC treatments without success or if you are dealing with diabetes or other health issues then you’ll want to turn to a professional right away for treatment.

Professional Wart Removal

There are several methods a dermatologist can use to remove the wart. The method we use will depend on certain factors including the location of the wart. Common wart removal options include freezing it with liquid nitrogen, one of the most common methods. If this treatment doesn't work, there are other options available.

If you are dealing with warts in Mt. Arlington, Morristown, and Bridgewater, NJ, then call Affiliated Dermatologists to find out the best approach for treating your warts and preventing them in the future.

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