Treating Rosacea

Treating Rosacea

Find out how a simple laser treatment could reduce rosacea-induced redness.

Rosacea is a common skin condition that causes visible redness and even swelling of rosaceathe face, particularly around the nose and cheeks. In some cases, you may even see small blood vessels scattered across the face or the appearance of little red bumps that look like acne. While anyone can develop rosacea, women with fair skin that are over the age of 30 are at an increased risk. Our Mt. Arlington, Liberty Corner, Bridgewater, and Morristown, NJ, dermatologists are here to tell you more about rosacea and how this condition can be controlled through different treatment options.

Since the symptoms of rosacea mimic that of other problems like acne, dermatitis, or allergic reactions, it can be difficult for people to realize that they are dealing with rosacea. If you start to notice redness, swelling, and red bumps on your face then it might be time to turn to our Mt. Arlington, Liberty Corner, Bridgewater, and Morristown skin doctor for a proper diagnosis.

How is rosacea treated?

We offer a revolutionary approach for treating everything from mild to more serious cases of rosacea. Cutera Excel V laser is a non-invasive laser treatment that is effective in reducing symptoms of rosacea and even eliminating visible blood vessels. During your treatment, the handheld laser is directed over the face to reduce redness, swelling, and other symptoms without affecting the healthy skin around it.

Depending on the severity of your symptoms you may notice an improvement in your skin’s appearance after just one laser treatment. It’s common for most patients to undergo anywhere from two to four treatment sessions in order to achieve the optimal results.

Affiliated Dermatologists in Mt. Arlington, Liberty Corner, Bridgewater, and Morristown, NJ, is here to help you manage your rosacea symptoms. We provide comprehensive dermatological services to meet everyone’s specific skincare needs. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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