Why Botox Is The Lasting Solution For A Youthful Appearance

Why Botox Is The Lasting Solution For A Youthful Appearance

BotoxYour face is active all day as you show emotions and facial expressions. It's hard to keep a straight face when you consider all the wrinkles this causes over time!

Are you tired of those lines etched into your face? At Affiliated Dermatologists, you can experience a youthful renewal of your skin with Botox®, the FDA-approved solution for all unwanted creases and lines.

How Does Botox Work?

Botox blocks acetylcholine (the chemical responsible for the muscle contractions that bring wrinkles) from being released under your skin. But while Botox has been found to be effective for minimizing the appearance of wrinkles in faces across America, many people are concerned about Botox because they think it can:

  • permanently paralyze facial muscles, leaving you with a "stone-face"
  • become less effective over time (meaning you'll have to spend more money on higher dosages to achieve the same results)
  • potentially lead to other unwanted and unforeseen side effects

However, because each Botox treatment can last for as long as six months before losing its effectiveness, using Botox often enough to permanently paralyze your facial muscles would require taking significantly more Botox than is safely prescribed. Plus, because only one Botox treatment is necessary for six months of a youthful look, the thought that this might be enough to make your facial muscles desensitized to its effects is highly unlikely and even more unfounded.

Instead, each injection trains facial muscles to relax (rather than forget how to work altogether), providing the most effective way for maintaining your youth and keeping you proud of every smile you give from now on!

For more information on Botox therapy and why it's one of the safest and most effective options for a more youthful face, give the offices of Affiliated Dermatologists a call today. Call us at 973-267-0300 for lasting dermatology solutions right here in New Jersey!

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